Future of the Alpacas

The fibre, the noble hair of the Alpacas, is called the “Fleece of the Gods”.
It´s the reason for the breeding.

There are Alpacas in 16 colours with more than 60 tints.

It´s necessary to work on an improvement of the quality of breeding specially the strength, softness and lightness.

The alpaca is a great enrichment in our landscape, they are landscape nurses and thy make hope for good prospects.

Also in the leisure time field alpaca is very popular. They are included with many hobby holders with pleasure for the hiking and for a walk.

For the therapy of psychological and intellectually suffer people will attain alpaca in the future a great importance.

There are ca. 6000 alpacas in Germany at the moment.
It´s only the beginning.

But there are breeders who are working with good results.
The fibre, the noble hair of the Alpacas cria
We set ourselves the breeding of the alpaca as a great task;
We do not want any increase!
We breed only with stallions from selected, very good blood lines.
There will never bet he best - you have always to do it better !!
The improving is our task as breeders