Attitude and breeding of the Alpacas
the animals are sheared every year in MayOur Alpacas are in fenced pastures.
There is a shelter, that protect the animals against bad weather and where they can find hay.

The animals are sheared every year in May so that the young animals can grow well and the herd keeps well.

In spring and autumn all animals are made free off worms and the toe nails are looked after.

Our herd consists of Huacaya - and Suri - Alpacas. It is our aim to breed to breed, body, fibre and colour.

Huacaya - Alpaca
Huacaya - Alpaca
Suri - Alpaca
Suri - Alpaca
The mating of alpacas which also is documented occurs with us purposefully.
So we know which female gets a baby and when.
The foaling-time begins, at the beginning of May and ends, at the end of September.
You call the Alpacas as “male” , “female” and “foal” – in spanish “cria” .
All our breeding animals have a microchip and are over DNA registered.