Some facts about our family

We, the couple Karl-Heinz and Carmen Grüttner, are from childhood grew up in agriculture and with animals. It is our honor to be embossed with the sense of duty and love for the animal to run this wonderful alpaca breeding and can continue to build.

When we in 1998, this had never before know, wonderfully handsome, cuddly Alpacas, during a very short trip to Canada met, we were fascinated by the beauty, the gentle eyes and the intelligence of these animals and started to get interested in the breeding of those.

It was love to these animals, at first glance!

We are informed on the breeding, future prospects and profitability, these animals. Convinced that they can build with alpaca breeding an existence, it did not require long deliberation and in the spring of 1999, it was time that the first populated our alpacas grazing in Langenwolmsdorf, Stolpen. It was a new beginning, it was a new species, it was a new challenge, it was a good feeling to start something. Since the breeding of alpacas is much more elaborate than just a posture of these animals, put the package into our family and thus developed is a small Family business.

Karl-Heinz Grüttner =>

Carmen Grüttner     =>

Dipl. farmer,
takes on the organizational responsibilities in these animals.

trained pediatric nurse,
what your profession in alpaca farming implements.

These wonderful alpacas are our joy and fulfillment in their daily work, but the breeding of these animals urges each of us, because our goal is to improve the quality of each year a lot.

We are alpaca breeders and make i tour honor to have a good alpaca breeding, to live with excellent quality, of continuous development and improvement of genetics in our own herd.

We are around the clock for our clients, contacts and help with our experience!