Animals for Sale

From our own herd we have in different price ranges for sale in each age group, gender and in different colors, continuously alpacas.
  • kittens
  • Breeding animals
  • Recreation Pets / Geldings

Through our years of experience convincing breeding success was achieved, which is in a healthy, balanced and high-quality herd.

Our breeding animals all have a microchip and registered with DNA and pedigree in an Alpaca Breeders Association.

First, we place great emphasis on good phenotypic characteristics (beauty of the animal) and fiber quality such as density, fineness, luster and a uniform fiber structure.

The second is our welfare with all the necessary maintenance measures is very important, which is crucial for the health, improvements in genetics and animal welfare.

Interested, beginners and advanced students, we assist in all aspects of keeping and breeding alpacas.

When buying alpacas you will receive a basic equipment (Alpaca feed supplement, mineral lick, alpaca halter and lead line)

Make an appointment and see more beautiful like selling animals on site. We are happy to help and can always contact for our customers.
Alpaca purchase = Matter of trust
Alpakas aus Stolpen in Sachsen