Something about Alpacas

Attentive, Loving, Personal, Agreeable, Contact friendly, Admirable,Sweet Alpacas
Alpacas belong to the species of camels.
Their life expectancy is ca. 20 years.
Alpacas are intelligent, quiet, good-natured and tough animals.
Alpacas also find on meagre pasture sufficient food.
Alpacas feed about the same like sheeps but they utilize the food better.

They don´t need special fences and stables and they don´t get sheep sicknesses.
Ten animals need an area of one hectare.
Because of their callus soles they don´t destroy the meadows.
Every year bring a Alpaca female a young one into the world - the so called “Cria”.
The pregnancy takes 11 to 11 ½ months.